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Thanks to its long history and splendid culture, China boasts a large number of meticulously made traditional arts and crafts, showing high craftsmanship. Folk arts and crafts rooted in the life are simple, unadorned and vivid, with profound connotations and ethnic characteristics. Buying tourist commodities with artistic and practical value will help foreign tourists deepen their understanding of China. The tourist souvenirs bought in China can be preserved by tourists, or given to friends and relatives as gifts, In addition, they will help tourists remember their wonderful trips to China forever.

China’s tourist commodities mainly include silk products, embroideries, brocade, Chinese paintings and calligraphy, cloisonné, pottery and porcelain, carved works of arts, woven products, lacquer ware, fans, the four treasures of the study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), tea, wine, works of art made by the ethnic minority people, carpets, tapestries, West Lake silk umbrellas, New Year pictures, paper-cuts, kites, folk costumes and toys. All of them are of high tourism commemorative value.