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With a time-honored history, Chinese cuisine is a gem in the cultural treasure house of the Chinese nation. Chinese cuisine, French cuisine and Turkish cuisine are known as the three most famous styles of cuisine in the world. Over the long-lasting development course, Chinese cuisine has formed colorful cultural contents and a strong and solid technique basis. A variety of local styles of cuisine, special dishes and snacks in China are attracting more and more foreign tourists with their boundless glamour.
Each local cuisine in China has its own characteristics, but Chinese cuisine as a whole is divided into four major schools- Shandong, Sichuan, Huai-yang and Guangdong cuisine. Four more schools are often added to the above mentioned four schools. They are Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan and Anhui cuisine. Sometimes, Beijing and Shanghai cuisine are also counted.
The special dishes contain the palace, vegetarian and Islamic dishes, as well as food cooked with medicinal herbs. The palace dishes, or the imperial cuisine, feature well-selected and particular seasonal materials, meticulous preparation, high skills in the use of a kitchen knife, beautiful colors, fascinating aroma, delicious taste, elegant shapes, high-quality containers and poetic names. Diners eat according to traditional procedures. Vegetarian dishes, which are made of green vegetables, fruits, edible fungus, bean products and vegetable oil, are tasty, nutritious and easy to digest, in addition to the anti-cancer role. The dishes cooked with medicinal herbs are created on the basis of the theories of traditional Chinese medicines and through reasonable cooking. Such foods are good to the people’s health.
China also has a wide variety of local snacks. The snacks of South China are mainly prepared with rice, and those of North China are made with flour. Beijing is famous for sweet cakes: Guangdong, for Western-style snacks: and Jiangsu, for exquisite cakes served on the boat. The recent years have witnessed the rapid development of fast foods in large and medium sized cities. Foreign fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut, can be found all over the country to provide convenience to tourists.