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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cashed or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of China National Tourist Office, London.
CNTO web sites link to many web sites created and maintained by other public and/or private organizations. We provide these links as a service to our users. When users link to an outside web site, they are leaving the CNTO web site and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the outside web site(s).
Providing a link to an external web site does not constitute an endorsement by of the linked site by CNTO, nor any of its employees or tourism representatives contracted to work on its behalf. CNTO does not control content on a linked site and cannot attest to the accuracy of content provided by a linked site, or any other links contained in a linked site.
CNTO reserves the right to deny or remove any link that contains misleading information, unsubstantiated claims, objectionable or offensive material, or is determined to be in conflict with China National Tourist Office mission or policies.
Technical Information
When you browse, read pages, or download information on any CNTO web site, we automatically gather and store certain technical information about your visit. This information never identifies who you are. The information we collect and store about your visit includes:
the Internet domain (e.g. “example.com”) and IP address (number assigned to your computer while you are online) from which you access our web site;
the type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and operating system (Windows, MacOS, etc.) used to access our site;
the date and time you access our site;
the pages you visit; and
if you came to this web site from another web site, the address of that web site.
This information is used to detect trends in technology and the methods people use to access our site.
Some web sites generate pieces of text known as cookies, which are stored on your computer and accessed during subsequent visits. Some cookies collect personal information to recognize your computer in the future. This website does not perform such tracking. We only use non-persistent cookies or “session cookies.” These cookies are stored only in your computer’s memory and will be erased when you close your browser.
We use session cookies for technical purposes such as:
determining if you are signed in using your CNTO website account (if applicable);
temporary storage of your responses to fill-in forms; and
providing better navigation between pages on our site.
Submission of Non-personal Information
In some instances this web site will now, or in future, collect information from others such as travel information, photos, comments, traveler experiences, survey questions, discussion topics, etc. Again, we will not publish your name or e-mail address when displaying this information, except in cases where information is copyrighted and requires attribution. We also reserve the right to