Wang Yang Gives Remarks at the UNWTO General Assembly

[Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, September 13] At the opening ceremony of the 22nd UNWTO General Assembly hosted in Chengdu today, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang read the congratulatory message from Chinese President Xi Jinping to the audience and gave remarks.

He said, “China is ushering into the era of mass tourism as the role of tourism is growing in economic development, ecological progress and people-to-people exchange. The tourism industry needs to pursue innovation-driven development, advance the supply—side structural reform and introduce new growth impetus. Based on balanced development, it should also optimize spatial distribution, strengthen public services and comprehensive regulation, and improve the quality and efficiency of development. Priority should be given to green development, and the idea that development is for better conservation should be embodied through the whole process of planning, construction, management and services to drive ecological progress. It is important to reinforce international tourism exchange and cooperation in all aspects, and open the Chinese tourism industry wider and deeper to the outside world. It is also important to actively develop rural tourism and holistic tourism so as to create more jobs, reduce poverty and allow everyone to benefit more from tourism development.”

He then stressed that, “External cooperation is vital for the growth of tourism business. China is willing to open wider to and seek closer connectivity with the international market, and work with the international community in capacity building, for more reliable supply and deeper people-to-people exchange, to drive the sustainable development of the global tourism industry and contribute to world peace and prosperity. China initiates the World Tourism Alliance as a useful supplement to the UNWTO system and welcomes active involvement of all parties concerned to make the best of wisdom and resources of the global tourism community.”

The opening ceremony gathered over 1,000 delegates from 100-plus countries and 41 international organizations.


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