Preparatory Works for the 22nd UNWTO General Assembly in Smooth Progress

Between September 11-16, the 22nd General Assembly of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will take place in Chengdu, which is the second Chinese city to host the UNWTO General Assembly after Beijing which was the home to the event in 2003. Recently, the reporter has learnt from the Chengdu Executive Committee of the 22nd General Assembly of UNWTO that all preparatory works are being in smooth progress.

It is reported that during the event six general assemblies and over 30 special sessions and regional symposiums will be convened. The activities including technical visits and International Smart Tourism Forum will be carried out. As of August 25, 1,013 foreigners have registered at the official website of UNWTO for attending the event. It is predicted that over 1,800 persons will take part in the event, including those who are scheduled to attend the founding conference of World Tourism Union, Chinese guests who are scheduled to attend the general assembly of World Tourism Organization as well as representatives and domestic and overseas journalists who are scheduled to take part in the International Smart Tourism Forum.

The governments of Sichuan Province and Chengdu City give top priority to the event. Particularly, in the wake of the earthquake in Jiuzhaigou County on August 8 this year, Sichuan Provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming and Governor Yin Li required to make a success of the event so as to eliminate negative effects, showcase the glamour of Sichuan and shore up people’s confidence in the local travel market.

In order to make a success of the event and further enhance the international service level and reputation of Chengdu, the government of the city has established an executive committee headed Mayor Luo Qiang so as to make preparations for the event. The committee involves 56 city-level departments and eight work groups.

The event features high profile and long duration and involves different venues and hotels. For this reason, the government of the city has trained all drivers, tourist guides, volunteers and hotel management and service personnel related to the event, raise the awareness of those who are involved in the event for providing standard services and fully show the optimism, hospitality and friendliness of local residents.







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