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Shanghai Tower offers airy city views

 Shanghai Tower, China's highest building, officially opened its sightseeing deck on the 118th floor to the public on Wednesday.[Photo provided to chinadaily.com Find Out More

Anti-poverty effort wins world's plaudits

 Fabric artist Duan Yinkai (right), master of traditional batik techniques in Yunnan province, speaks to foreign guests who attended a meeting in Beijing on Chin Find Out More

High-speed trains plan to improve meal choices

 China Railway Corp said that it will introduce more food suppliers and offer passengers more meal options on high-speed trains, after recent media reports bashe Find Out More

Waterside park hidden deep inside Beijing hutongs to open soon

 Waterside scenery is hidden deep inside a hutong in the south of Beijing, April 22, 2017. The scenic park is located in the Sanlihe area of Dongcheng district. Find Out More

Chinese Language Day festivities at UN

 Guests enjoy a calligraphy show at United Nations Chinese Language Day celebration in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 19.[Photo/Xinhua]"If you can speak Chinese a Find Out More

24 Solar Terms: 5 things you may not know about Grain Rain

 A painting of Grain Rain from Li Xiaolin. As a popular young Chinese artist, Li combined the customs during a solar term and the associated food and created a s Find Out More

People around China celebrate Sanyuesan Festival

 People of Buyi ethnic group perform a dance to celebrate the Sanyuesan Festival in Wangmo County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, March 30, 2017. People aro Find Out More

The world beckons for Chinese travelers

 The South Pacific destination of Tahiti, Montenegro in Southern Europe, the Philippines' Bohol island, Serbia and the Philippines' Cebu are hot spots for Chines Find Out More

20,000 run half marathon in Beijing

 Beijing Run, officially known as 2017 Beijing International Running Festival Beijing Half Marathon, started on Saturday, attracting about 21,000 participants w Find Out More

Rural tourism sees robust growth in China

 Rural tourism maintained robust growth in China last year as more city-dwellers prefer a taste of the country life during holidays, and governments hope the bur Find Out More