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Cruise first developed in Europe and has a history of more than 100 years overseas. Originally cruise means a large passenger streamer running regularly along fixed lines. Such ships were always used to transfer postal matters between continents. In late 19th century and early 20th century long air journey was not in vogue, so some people aboard such postal ships for their journey across sea. Since then the cruise tours came into being and developed steadily. Although air journey developed gradually in the 1950s, some unoccupied rich people preferred to cruise. At the same time, cruise became luxurious and developed into a professional form of tourism. Modern cruise appeared in the 1960s.
Since the 1980s, global cruise tourists have increased at an average annual rate of 8.2 percent. Today 120million people have experienced cruise tours of two days or longer in the world. Cruise market has great potential and cruise economy shows a bright future in its development Cruise industry will become one of the entertainment tourist fields reporting the fastest growth in the world.
Cruise tourism is different from traditional tourist forms. Traveling with cruise, it is unnecessary to rush for trains or coaches, to carry heavy luggage, to move from one hotel to another, and to be hurried for taking photos in order to catch up with other group members. Also it is unnecessary to pay extra fee for other items. The modern cruiser is like a moveable star-rated hotel and it equipped with all facilities for relaxation, amusement, shopping, entertainment and gathering. The cruiser boats movie releasing room, ball room, body fitting room, bar and other facilities. It even has theme displays, lecturing hall, a small planetarium, a swimming pool and a collection of valuable fine arts.
In addition, cruiser is a romantic love boat. The love story happened on Titanic has moved numerous viewers. For the travelers from different countries, the cruiser is drifting on the vast
ocean, far away from the continent and is a good place for people to set out their enthusiasm. Today cruise tourism is the best choice for young lovers to have their honeymoon holidays.
Most Chinese coastal port cities report a per-capita GDP of more than US$3,000, a level of medium-sized developed countries. A swift economic development will bring about an increase in the consumption capacity of residents. A remarkable economic development in China has around great concern of cruise companies in the world. Three cruise giants in the world-Carnival Cruise Lines Inc., Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and Star Cruise, the tourist item the minority aristocrats from Europe and America could enjoy in the past, has entered into Chinese ordinary families rapidly. Also China warmly welcomes cruisers from other countries to call to feel the rapid development in China and the hospitality of the Chinese people.