Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains

1Mount Wudang in Danjiang City in northwestern Hubei Province is a sacred mountain to Taoists. It covers an area of 400 kilometers. Here the mountain peaks are high, forest thick and scenery graceful. The main peak, the Heavenly Pillar Peak, rises 1,612 meters above sea level. Caves, springs, grotesque rocks and streams are beautifully inlaid in the tranquil valleys and among precipitous peaks. 

The most distinguishing feature of Mount Wudang is the large Taoist architectural complex. Making full use of the terrain featuring towering mountains and deep valleys, more than 20,000 rooms were built in spots where they most harmoniously blended with the nearby woods, rocks and streams so that the man-built structures and natural elements complimented each other. The Gold Hall, built in 1416 on the top of the Heavenly Pillar Peak, is the largest copper structure existing in the country. It is 5.54 meters tall and 5.8 meters wide. The walls were cast separately, but precisely and well knit. All the statues of god and sacrificial vessels are made of copper. Although 500 years have past, they still glitter as before. 

Mount Wudang became part of the world cultural heritage list in 1994.