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miss kiwi-china

Little Miss Kiwi-China in China 2010

Hong Kong

On 4 Sep, we got up very early and got on a plane. We flew to Hong Kong. Ethan and Karen went to drop us of to the Disney Hotel. We watch the fireworks at the sleeping beauty's castle.

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 Hong Kong  

When we difished breakfast I saw Belle. Belle said my dress is cute and i said you are beatuiful. Some of the people gave me an Ariel sticker.

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 Hong Kong  

Ocean Park has a lot of fun but Hong Kong was hot and mum bought me a fan.

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In Shen Zhen we went to a hot spring. There is a hot pool full of tiny little fish. If you put your feet in the pool, the fish will eat the dead skin on your feet. Almost half of pool's fish come to my dad's feet. Millions of them! There is another pool that has very hot water and ginger.

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I flew from Shenzhen to Xi'an. Xi'an is my mum's home town. Xi'an is an old city and it is 5000 years old. It has Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Big Wild Goose Pagoda. We went to visit Terra-cotta Worriers and Horses-- it is the 8th wonder of world.

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