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The Greater Wild Goose Pagoda

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 Located within the compound of the Daci'en Temple in the city's southern suburbs, the Greater Wild Goose Pagoda is a famous ancient architecture in China, which is regarded as the symbol of the ancient Capital of Xi'an. Originally this pagoda had five stories; in 701, tho more stories were added; 60 years later, it became a 10-story pagoda; and later, the pagoda was damaged in a war, with only seven stories left. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the pagoda was renovated by covering it with a layer of bricks. The Daci'en Temple and the Great will Goose Pagoda were the places where Buddhist scriptures brought from India by the Tang Dynasty pilgrim Xuan Zhuang (600-663) were kept and Xuan Zhuang translated the Buddhist sutras. They occupy a very important position in the Chinese Buddhist history and attract worldwide attention. Since ancient times, they have been important places for religious service in China.


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