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 Tianjin, called "Jin" in short, lies in the northeast of the North China Plain, It is 120 km norwest of Beijing and borders the Bohai Sea in the east. This municipality directly under the Central governmnet covers an area of over 12,000 sq km and has a population of 9.64 million.

 The historical changes in the past 600 years have made Tianjin a unique city with a mixture of the ancient and the modern in both Chinese and Western styles. The city has developed a tourist pattern with its downtown area playing the leading role, which is supported by Tanggy and Jixian County. In its downtown area, there are the Water Amusement Park, Heavenly Queen Palace, Dabei Buddhist Temple and Grand Mosque; and on its outskirts there are Panshan Mountain, Dule Temple and White Pagoda. Tianjin is regarded as a bright pearl on the Beijing-Tianjin golden itinerary.

Tianjin China International Travel Service

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Tianjin China Travel Service

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Tianjin China Youth Travel Service

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Tianjin Zhongmao International Travel Service

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