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 Shaanxi province on mainland China is one of the major cradles of the Chinese civilization. Historically, 13 regimes built their seats here, including the Zhou Dynasty (11th century~221 B.C.), the Qin Dynasty (221~207 B.C.), the Han Dynasty (206B.C~A.D.220), and the Tang Dynasty ( 618~907).

 Shaanxi takes pride in its 35,750, proven relics from above and underground, including 55 relics under state protection and 355 relics under provincial protection. It leads China in the number and quality of relics collected, 6000,000 in total, attracting numerous visitors from home and abroad to admire historic sites and places of interest, such as the terracotta warriors and horses from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, the ancient city wall in Xi'an, the best preserved and largest of its kind in China, and the Stele Forest, China's largest stone library.

Shaanxi China Travel Service

Add: 78 Dongguanxheng St., Xi'an

Tel: 0086-29-82403509

Shaanxi Overseas Tourism Co.,Ltd

Add: 16 Gaoxin 1st Rd., New-and High-tech District, Xi'an

Tel: 0086-29-85261425

Xi'an China International Travel Service

Add: 48 Chang'an North Rd., Xi'an

Tel: 0086-29-85262066

Xianyang International Travel Service

Add: 2/F, Dongyu Building, 6 Dongfeng Rd., Xianyang

Tel: 0086-29-33222202