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 Tianjin, called "Jin" in short, lies in the northeast of the North China Plain, It is 120 km norwest of Beijing and borders the Bohai Sea in the east. This municipality directly under the Central governmnet covers an area of over 12,000 sq km and has a population of 9.64 million.

 The historical changes in the past 600 years have made Tianjin a unique city with a mixture of the ancient and the modern in both Chinese and Western styles. The city has developed a tourist pattern with its downtown area playing the leading role, which is supported by Tanggy and Jixian County. In its downtown area, there are the Water Amusement Park, Heavenly Queen Palace, Dabei Buddhist Temple and Grand Mosque; and on its outskirts there are Panshan Mountain, Dule Temple and White Pagoda. Tianjin is regarded as a bright pearl on the Beijing-Tianjin golden itinerary.

Darentang Drugstore

  The Darentang Drugstore is one of the renowned time-honored brands in Tianjin. It was originally a branch of Yuejialaopu, which itself was derived from the Tongrentang. Thus, its experiences of Pharmacy and business practices are the same of those of the Tongrentang. Its main products are Cow-bezoar Bolus for Restoration (Angong Niuhuang Wan), Venis and Artery Relieving Pills(Huoluo Dan), and White Phoenix Bolus of Black-bone Chicken ( Wuji Baifeng Wan).

Laomeihua Shoe Shop

 The Laomeihua Shoe Shop, founede in 1911, is known as a famous time-honored brand of China. It mainly offers shoes for the middle-aged and elderly. The designs of these shoes are diversified and include saddle shoes lined with woollen fabrics, cotton-padded shoes, and pigskin shoes with gum-rubber outsoles. All these shoes are very comfrotable and make a particularly nice present for an older member of the family.

New Year Pictures of Yangliuqing

 The New Year Pictures of Yangliuqing, a kind of woodprint, are famous throughout China. They first appeared in Yangliuqing Town in the Chongzhen Reign (1628-1644) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), hence the name. They combine the methods of woodcarving and manual color-drawing of characters and exhibit both the unique art of the woodfrint and the distinctive style of folk painting, The New Year Pictures of Yangliuqing are not only an art form but also a window by means of which Chinese folk customs and historical stories.

Quanyechang Department Store

 The Quanyechang Department Store, located where Binjiang Road and Heping road meet, is a famous time-honored store that has been run for over 70 years. The department store is a large gerneral merchandise market which mainly focuses on popular commodities and sells medium of high grade goods. 

Shengxifu Hattery

 This is a time-honored hat shop and offers many differnt kinds of headgear. The Shengxifu Hattery, which has been running for about 100 years, puts a high premium on the quality and development of new products, thus adapting swiftlly to market variations. With its trademark of "San Mao", it has long been responsible for one of China's most renowned products and its products are sold world-wide.