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Brocade of the Zhuang nationality : Zhuang brocade is the traditional woven handicraft work of the Zhuang nationality, characterized by fine technique, unique and colorful pattern, and durability. It has typical ethnic featurs in theme, pattern, design and color.

Embroidery of the Yao nationality: Yao embroidery is the handicraft work of the Yao women. Because of its fine technique, novel design, bright color, durability and strong ethnic feature, Yao embroidery can be widely used in clothes and its accessories, handkerchiefs, suspenders, curtains and gifts. 

Shell Mosaic of Beihai: Beihai shell mosaic is a famous Guangxi handicraft work made out of shells from the Beidu Gulf with artistic technique. It covers a wide spectrum of themes and contents, well-known for delicate design, vivid form with strong three-dimensional effect and unique style. 


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