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Traditional Fujian handcraft rameless lacquerware, buffalo hom comb and paper umbrella are known as Fuzhou Three Treasures. There are also ix famous fruit of Zhangzhou: navel orange, lichee, banana, longan, pineapple and grapefruit. Pientzehuang, known as "magic medicine of national treasure", Babao Red Ink Paste, and daffodil are Zhangzhou Three Treasures. Fujian boasts a great deal of dried food and dried fruit, such as Fuzhou olive, Yongtai succade, Xiamen Puti pills., eight kinds of dried food in Longyan, all high-quality presents for relatives and friends. Home of Chinese Tea, Fujian tea enjoys a high reputation in both China and abroad. Tietuanyin produced in An'xi and Dahongpao produced in Wuyi Mountain are all top grade oolong tea. 

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