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Henan Province is rich in local products. Jun porcelain of Yuzhou, jade wares of Nanyang, tricolored glazed pottery of the Tanf Dynasty, Tiantan inkstones and other special tourist commodities have been well received bu customers; and delicacies from land in Lushi County, Maojian Tea of Xianyang, four major traditional Chinese medicines and other local products are idea gift to be given to relatives and friends.

Dongfeng Department Store

Add:Eastern Section of Huanghe Rd., Hubin Dist., Sanmenxia.


Jiaozuo Department Store

Add: Jiefeng M. Rd., Luoyang.

Tel: 0086-391-2924701

Kaifeng Bian Embroidery Factory

Add: 88 Mujiaoqiao St., Kaifeng


Wangfujing Department store

Add: 429 Zhengzhou E. Rd., Luoyang.

Tel: 0086-379-63338888

Xinxiang Department

Add: 93 Pingyuan Rd., Xinxiang.

Tel: 0086-373-2823012

Yansha Shopping Plaza

Add: On the Southwestern corner at the crossing of Huaxia S. Rd and Huanghe Rd., Hebi

Tel: 0086-392-3322666

Zhengzhou Antique City

Add: 49 Jinhai Ave., Zhengzhou

Tel: 0086-371-68766633