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Local and Special Products


 Changbai Mountain boasts a wide variety of special products. In addition to medicinal herbs, there are also wild vegetables, such as bush vetch and common brake; fungus, such as buck mushroom and abalone mushroom; nuts, such as walnut, hazelnut, and pine nut; and fruit, such as cowberry, woodbine, kiwi fruit, sorbus, strawberry, and amur grape.

 Jinlin’s color-painted wood carving: Hand-carved on fine brich wood and mainly devoted to birds and animals, the craftworks are of high collection and aesthetic value and enjoy great popularity worldwide.


Antiques Shop of the Imperial Palace of Puppet Manchukuo

Add: 5 North Guangfu Rd., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-2844150

Hualin Ginseng and Antler Shop

Add: 61 Yinzuo Building, Changjianglu Pedestrain St., Changchun

Tel: 0086-431-2731328

Longtanshan Deer Industry Co., Ltd.

Add: 7 Luchang St., Longtan District, Jilin

Tel: 0086-432-4661411


Old Ginseng Hall Products Co., Ltd. Building

Add: 4159, West Binjiang Rd., Tonghua
Tel: 0086-435-3433555

Oriental Bear Paradise

Add: 2 Xinhua St., Yanji
Tel: 0086-433-2518883