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There are great variety of local special products and souvenirs of good value. The “Five Treasures of Ningxia” refers to special products in five colors, including the fruit of Chinese wolfberry in red, licorice root in yellow, Helan stone in blue, beach-sheepskin in white and the black moss in black. In addition, rice, red melon seed, fish, melons and fruits, “Ningxia Red” Chinese wolfberry wine, “Western Xia” red wine produced in Ningxia, are all well- known as best gifts for friends.

Jinhua Shopping Plaza

Add: No.10, Chaoyang St., Litong Dist., Wuzhong

Tel: 0086-953-2012448

Kungfu Tea Shop

Add: Donghuan Wholesale Market, Yinchuan City

Tel: 0086-951-6092367

Ningxia Jewelry City

Add: No.164, Jiefang, Yinchuan

Tel: 0086-951-5045822

South Department Store

Add: Nearby Xiangshan E. St., Zhongwei City

Tel: 0086-955-7030263

Yinchuan Department store

Add: No.2, Jiefang W. st., Yinchuan

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Yinchuan Xinhua Shopping Center

Add: No.12, Xinhua, Yinchuan

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