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* Jinan- Lotus roots from Daming Lake, pucai vegetable, carps from the Yellow River, Zhangqiu green Ghinese onions, Mingshui fragrant rice, donkey-hide geletin, Pingyin roses, Muyu stones and Jinan dough modeling. 

* Tai'an- Yanzi stones, red glossy ganaderma, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, Feicheng peaches, gorgon fruit, furnishings with landscapes of Mt. Tai, Mt. Tai arts and crafts for offering sacrifices to the gods, and Dawenkou cultural color pottery.

* Jining- Rubbings from stone inscriptions, Kai woodcarvings, Nishan ink slabs, four-nose carps, mandarin fish and Lu brocade. 

* Qingdao- Qingdao beer, Laoshan mineral spring water, shell mosaic, Laoshan green tea, bamboo leave tea, Laoshan green stones, and grapes from Daze Mountain.

* Yantai- Zhangyu wine, Polaris-brand clocks and wristwatches, Longkou vermicelli made from bean starch, Yantai apples, Laiyang pears, paper-cuts for window decoration, straw-plaited products, Dali stone carvings, Laizhou writing brushes, tea set inlaid with gold or tin, and Tuoji sotne potted landscapes. 

* Weihai- Large peanuts, Weihai apples and Golden Monkey-brand leather products. 

* Rizhao- Jingdong pickes, Rizhao liquor, screens and hanging fans of Juxian

* Weifang- Kites of Weifang, woodcut New Year pictures of Yangjiabu, Niejiazhuang clay sculptures, and padauk containers inlaid with silver threads. 

* Zibo- Zibo pottery and porcelain ware, Boshan glassware, Zhou Village silk, and coper musical instruments of Zhou Village. 

* Liaocheng- Crisp jujubes, fermented bean curd for the capital, and handicraft leather belts. 

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