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Provincial Museum

Guiyang is at the heart of Guizhou ethnic minority culture and the Provincial Museum show cases this impressive local culture. Enjoy the costumes and art of the Miao People.

Qiandongnan Ethnic Museum

The Qiandongnan Ethnic Museum is situated in Kaili City, and the buildings in the museum show the ethnic characteristics. The building in the center is the Drum Tower with double eaves - a typical architectural structure of the Dong people; and the towers in the east and west are the houses on the stilts of the Miao people, implying that it is the "land of Miao and Dong ethnic minorities". The exhibiton halls are on the second and third floors, devoted to the brief introduction to Qiandongnan Perfecture, the customs and life-style of the ethnic minorities, the costumes of the ethnic minorities, the dragon boats and the modern folk arts and crafts, respectively. The exhibition Hall of the Ethnic Minorities' Customs and Lifestyle is the most facinating as it introduces to the civilian residences, costumes, lifestyles and customs of each ethnic minority.