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Changhan Lake Museum

Add: Changhan Lake Tourist zone
Tel: 0086-438-2990188

Fuyu County Museum

Add: F/3 Culture and Art blog., S. Changchun St., Ningjiang District
Tel: 0086-438-3123451

Guorlusi Museum

Add: F/5 Libuary Bldg., Ethnic Stadium
Tel: 0086-438-6183526

Museum of the Imperial Palace of Puppet Manchukuo

Museum of the Imperial Palace of Puppet Manchukuo

Constructed on the site of imperial palace of the puppet Manchukuo at No.5 on North Guangfu Rd. in the northeastern corner of Changchun City, the museum encompasses palaces, gardens, horse racing course, a holy temple, and the residential ground of the guardian troop, numbering dozens of buildings and covering an area of 137,000 square meters.

 Most of the architectures here are in European Gothic style, while the rest are halls featuring a combination of  Chinese and Japanese architecture styles and tile-roofed houses in traditional Chinese style. The entire compound is divided into two section: imperial court devoted to political affairs and residential quarters for the imperial family.

 This was where Chinese last emperor Puyi resided when he acted as the emperor of the Manchukuo, a puppet regime propped up by Japanese invaders