Museums - CNTO


Museum of Chuxiong Prefecture

The museum built at the foot of Yanta Mountain, south of Chuxiong, covers an area of 60 mu with a total investment of 24 million yuan. Advantages of the terrain has been fully taken in the design and construction of the museum which is built in a style of combining the traditional houses of Yi people with the modern curly-tiled Chinese roof, giving prominence to both the feature of local ethnic group and the grandness of modern building. With a total florage of 11,200 square meters the museum has seven exhibition halls, such as Hall of Ancient Extinct Life, Hall of Ethnic Group, Hall of Historical Relics and Hall of Samples of Animals and Plants, etc. and 12 exhibition rooms displaying more than 6,000 various kinds of cultural relics.

Museum of Dongba Culture

The museum with the features of Dongba culture, close to the Helongtan Park, covers an area of seven mu, and is arranged according to the development of the residential houses of Naxi people. The Yuquan Spring and natural landscape of the west foot of Xiangshan Mountain are fully utilised for the opening up of the traditional residential houses of different periods, such as caves for Neoanthropus, nests and cave dwellings and half cave dwellings from the north to the south. And at the same time the folk custom and religious sites of offering sacrifices to the heaven, wind and god of nature have also been arranged for the performance of Dongba sacrificial ceremonies. In the museum a lot pictures on Dongba culture, religious books, paintings, ritual implements, and old production tools and daily utentils of Nanxi people are exhibited.

Museum of Yunnan Province

It is a comprehensive museum of Yunnan built in 1951. The museum has collected more than 156,000 relics, including bronze wards, ancient coins, porcelain wards, old paintings and calligraphic works, rubbings, stamps and various kinds of handicrafts, the most in Yunnan. The bronze ox-tiger table excavated at Lijiashan, Jiangchuan, the golden standing statur of Avalokitesvara of Dali State unearthed from the Chongsheng Temple, and the painting by Huang Gongwang of the Yuan Dynasty fof this museum are national treasures. The most distinctive feasures in this museum are the bronze wards of Yunnan culture, the Buddist relics of Nanzhao and Dali states and the charming and graceful cultural relics of etnic groups of modern times.