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Guo State Museum

 Situated in the north of Sanmenxia City, 1.5 km from the city proper, the Guo State Museum is a national AAAA tourism zone and a key historical monument under state protection. It is a special museum built on the ruins of the graveyard of the state of Guo in the Western Zhou Dynasty(1046-770B.C.). The state of Guo was a subordinate state in the early Western Zhou Dynasty. The Guoji Tomb is the tomb of the monarch of the state of Guo, which display the imposing manner and exposs the burial and hierarchy systems in the western Zhou Dynasty. An iron swod with a bronze core and a jade handle excavated from the Guoji Tomb pushes the Chinese history of smelting iron for nearly 200years earlier, and the sword is known as the " No.1 Sword of China". The Guo State Museum is of important historical value to the research into the history, politics, economy, culture and religious system of the state of Guo and the Western Zhou Dynasty.

Jun Porcelain Museum

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Kaifeng Museum

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Luoyang Museum

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