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Fujian Province, with a warm and humid semi-tropical maritime climate, is situated along China's southeastern coast. It is separated from Taiwan only by the narrow Taiwan Straits. With more than 3,300-meter coastlines, the province occupies a total land area of 121,400 square kilometers and 136,300 square kilometers of sea area, one of the major windows and bases for China's foreign communication. With a population of 35 million, Fujian is also the major hometown of overseas Chinese in China. Over the world, there are more than ten million overseas Chinese of Fujian origin.

Nine Twist Stream

Originated from Wuyi Mountain range, Nine Twist Stream crosses the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot, with nine curves, hence its name. With the total length up to 9.5 kilometers, the stream occupies an area of 8.5 square kilometers. With mountains surrounded, the stream is full of lyric flabor. Major scenic sopts are: Dawang Peak, Jade Maiden Peak, Immortal Visiting Rock, Imperial Tea Garden, Cloud Caves, Wuyi Studying House, Touring Heaven Peak, and Drying Cloth Rock. Visiting Nine Twist Stream by bamboo raft is especially a pleasure.