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Thanks to wide selections of ingredients, fine cooking techniques, various kinds and unique tastes, Guangxi cuisine is characterized by being delicious, tender, fresh and smooth, mingling light and strong flavors. Among a variety of local snacks, the most famous are Old Friend Rice Noodles of Nanning, Spiral Shell Rice Noodles of Linzhou, and Rice Noodles of Guilin, etc.

 Nanning cuisine: Old Friend Rice Noodles, Fried Duck, Boiled Chicken, Five-color Glutinous Rice, etc.

 Linzhou Cuisine: Spiral Shell Rice Noodles, Eight-treasured Glutinous Rice, Tea-Oiled Rice, Sanjiang Pickled Pork, Bean jelly, etc.

 Guilin Cuisine: Rice Noodles, Duck Wrapped in Lotus Leaves, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Longsheng Rice in Bamboo Tube, Ziyuan Bracken, Lipu Taros with Meat, Yougeng Fish, Chicken in Clear soup, etc.

 Beihai Cuisine: Pearl Shellfish Porridge, Pig's Trotter rice Noodles, Hepu beef, Fuling Cake, Crab Juice, Sandworm soup, etc. 


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