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Guangdong Province is situated in the southern part of Chinese mainland and adjoins Hong Kong and Macao, covering an area of 178,800 square kilometers. It has a population of over 94 million made up of Han, Yao, Zhuang, Hui and Manchu peoples. Owing to a subtropical maritime climate, its picturesque landscape is evergreen all the year around.

Guangdong, a window opening to the outside, is the most prosperous and vigorous of provinces in China and meanwhile it possesses graceful cultural treasures inherited from the long history. It boasts historical cities like Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Chaozhou, Foshan and cultural relics, such as the home of over 100,000-year-old Maba Man, the mysterious treasures of the Nanyue Kingdom of the early Western Han Dynasty and the archaeological traces of the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road.

Its scenery is Lingnan (the area on the south of the Five Ridges) features. You can tour Guangdong's four famous mountains and they are the Danxia Mountain in the north, the Xiqiao Mountain in Nanhai, the Luofu Mountain in Boluo and the Dinghu Mountain in Zhaoqing. Seven-star Rocks is surrounded by ranges and waters. Modern scenic spots are numerous. Splendid China, Window of the World, the New Yuanming Palace and many other theme parks lead you through the past and the present in just one day. Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou Ocean World, Happy Valley in Shenzhen and Guangzhou Space Wonders present you the wonders on the land, in the sky and under the sea. Evergreen Resort, waterside villages and the Lotus World will make you indulge in the beauties of nature and forget the worldly hustling.

All of these constitute a tourist kaleidoscope waiting for your visit.

Dexing Restaurant

Add: 1/F, Building 1, Weidujuan ,N. Dongxia Rd., Shantou

Tel: 754-88337778

Deyue Restaurant

Add: Luyou Rd., Baijida, Jiudu Ave., Zhuhai

Tel: 756-3338899

Fu Ji Beef Restaurant

Add: Zhujiang Rd., Shantou

Tel: 754-88781887

Garden Hotel

Add: Opposite to the Chaozhou Daily, Central Fengchun Rd., Chaozhou

Tel: 768-2262999

Guangzhou Restaurant

Add: 2 S. Wenchang Rd., Guanghzou

Tel: 20-81380388

Jinducheng Hotel

Add: Pinghu Ave., Pinghu Town, Shenzhen

Tel: 755-28851888

Lihao Village

Add: Qixing Park, Beijing, Yingbin Ave., Zhaoqing

Tel: 758-29011808

Pan Xi Restaurant

Add: 151 W. Longjin Rd., Guangzhou

Tel: 20-81815955

Regency Hotel

Add: 1/F, Building 1, Weidujuan, N. Dongxia Rd., Shantou

Tel: 754-88337778

Tao Tao Ju Restaurant

Add: 20 Dishifu Rd., Guangzhou

Tel: 20-81389632

Xin Lizhiwan Shunji Restaurant

Add: 2-3/F Industrial Bank Building, 4013 Shennan Ave., Shenzhen

Tel: 755-83024188