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Hubei dishes, food and snacks are unique and of great varieties. All are welcomed by Chinse and Foreign tourists. Most dishes are cooked with aquatic products and feature in thick juice, salty, and pure taste. Hubei dishes pay great attention to their looks. The soup is unique, too. 

Chu Lao Song Wuhan Harbor Restaurant

Add: No. 138 Yanjiang Road, Wuhan

Tel. +86-27-82857778


Family Dish

Add: No. 616 Minzhu Road, Wuhan

Tel. +86-27-50701819


Hubei Samwoo Restaurant

Add: No. 338 Zhongshan Road, Wuhan

Tel. +86-27-88843535


One Family Restaurant

Add: New station, Chongyang County, Xianning

Tel. +86- 715- 3336886


Red Shrimp City

Add: Guihua Road West, Xianning

Tel. +86-715-8266388


The Yus Bean Curd

Add: Central Food Market, Huanggang

Tel. +86-713-8107037

Wuhan Kang-Long-Tai-Zi Restaurant

Add: No 1 Tiyu Road, Hongshan Plaza, Wuhan

Tel. +86-27-87320588


Yahui Tea Restaurant

Add: Nanpu Road, Ezhou

Tel. +86-711-3252866

Yangtze Restaurant

Add: Huaxianzi Building, No.20 Nanpu Road, Ezhou

Tel. +86-711-3850931