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Sliced noodles:

 Also called Noddles Sliced with Flying Knife due to fantastic cutting technique involved in making process. When skilful cooks cut the noodles, "one falls into the pot, while one files in the air and one is just sliced, and every piece of noodle jumps like fish in the pot." the cooked noodles are soft in the inner and chewy in the outer, and digest easily.


Pingyao Beef:

As a traditional local product of Pingyao County, Pingyao Beef became famouse in the Ming Dynasty, and prevailed at the banqusts from the late Qing Dynasty through the early period of the Republic of China .Featuring superb producing techniques, it boasts rosy color, tender texture, strong fragrance, pleasant taste and convenience in storage. The older is the beef cattle, the tastier is its  meat.


Duyichu Steamed Dumpling:

 Steamed Dumpling is a traditional snock of southern Shanxi. With a shape of guava, it features bright-white color, abundant stuffing, thin wrapper and pleasing taste. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty spoke highly of the snack, and awarded a plaque with his inscriptions of "Duyichu" to the Fushan Steamed Dumpling Restaurant. From that day on, the restaurant has won fame far and near.

Daqinghua Dumping

Add: Middle Qinxian North Rd., Taiyuan.

Tel: 0086-351-7080555

Huixianlou Restaurant

Add: 80 Heping South Rd., Taiyuan

Tel: 0086-351-6063152

Jinyang Restaurant

Add: 11Bingzhou Rd., Taiyuan


Older Datong Restaurant

Add: 3rd Rd., Zhenhua North St., Datong.

Tel: 0086-3522103270

Taiyuan Wheaten Food Restaurant

Add:Entrance to Yinze Rd., 17 Jiefang Rd., Taiyuan.

Tel: 0086-351-2022230

Wanbolinqu Pan's Steamed Dumpling

Add: Middle Lane, Xikuang St., Taiyuan

Tel: 0086-351-6212695