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The food and dishes from Hebei Province are mainly salted. Cookery in Hebei is good at quick-fry and stir up laying stress on color, flavor, smell and pattern. The special local foods produced by Hebei includes braised chicken of Shijiazhuang, noodles made from various coarse cereals of Raoyang, honey fried dough twist of Tangshan, pot-stewed chicken of Baoding and sea crab from Qinghuangdao.

Dadi Restaurant

Add: 22 Wumiao East Road, Chengde
Tel. +86-314-2022979

Ocean Douhua Restaurant

Add: 96 Yingbin Road, Qinghuangdao
Tel. +86-335-3063366

Tianhelou Restaurant

Add: 4 Building, Bell and Drum Residential Area, Chengde 
Tel. +86-314-2029901

Tianwailou Restaurant

Add: Yiguan Road, Shanhaiguan Dist., Qinghuangdao
Tel. +86-335-5052952

Xinhua Restaurant

Add: Xinhua Road, Chengde
Tel. +86-314-2065880

Yangcheng Restaurant

Add: 132 Yingbin Road, Qinghuangdao
Tel. +86-335-3634555