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Special snacks: Baixiangyuan meat cakes, meat pancakes produced by Xianghe Meat Pancake Restaurant, Luxin fried dumplings, big bread, Liu's cakes, Bingpeng flavored pork hoofs, Fangyuan stuffed pancakes, Qiulin red sausages, Maomao steamed dumplings, Xuelong cakes, Wuchangpiaozi pancakes, and stewed pork heads produced by Hecheng Hotel in Qiqihar. 

Long cuisine is a unique food genre in North China that ha slong been developed by smart and diligent Heilongjiang people in their daily lives. After generations of ingeritance and exploration, the cuisine has debeloped various dishes featuring distinctive flavors and green ingredients. The dishes involve many traditional cooking techniques. Long cuisine features rationaal collocation, rich nutrition, orthodox flavor, delicious taste and pleasant appearance, thus winning wide favor among customers. 

Air-dried sausages: There are more than a dozen inds of sausages in North China, of which the air-dried sausage produced by the Harbin Zhengyanglou Meat Products Factory is the most famous. With a history of nearly 100 years, Zhengyanglou air-dried sausage boasts careful material selection and stat-of-art manufacturing process. Dried in natural air, it emits russet clusters like semitransparent agates. With a lasting flavor, it is suitable to be eaten with drinking or be served on important banquets. 


Harbin Grand Restaurant

Add: 168 Shangzhi St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84640958

Huamei Western Restaurant

Add: 112 Cenral St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84675758

Jingxuan Barbecue

Add: Yong'an St., Qiqihar

Tel. +86-452-2433753

Jiulongtan Food City

Add: Entrance to Dongfeng New Village, Daqing

Tel. +86-459-6621638

Lufu Tower

Add: 228 Zhongshan Rd., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-82260878

Old Duichu

Add: 62 West Shisandao St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84615895

Sun & Moon Lake Food Center

Add: 127 East Dazhi St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-82533193