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Songhua Lake Fish Banquet: Selecting genuine live fish from Songhua Lake and adopting traditional culinary techniques, the banquet includes dozens of delicious fish dishes. It is a must for entertaining the guests at the Jilin Kaijiang Fish Delicious Festival held every April.

Ginseng Maotai Chicken: Maotai wine is used as one of the major seasoning in this dish, in an attempt to get rid of the sort of bitter flavor of ginseng and add aroma to the chicken. One of the
famous dishes of Baishan City, it is considered restorative and good to health.

Soup of Three Treasures of Deer: The soup's main ingredients are the antler, tendon, penis, and venison of the spotted deer inhabiting Changbai Mountain.

Monkey-head mushroom: A nutritious and precious local product of Changbai Mountain, the mushroom can be cooked in many ways.

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