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Shandong Cuisine is one of the eight major styles of Chinese cuisine, as well as the foundation and representative of the cuisine of North China. Local chef;s in Shandong are good at preparing delicious dishes by stir-frying, boiling, frying, braising and other cooking techniques, which feature overall excellence in color, smell, taste and shape. Jinan Cuisine, Jiaodong Cuisine, and Kong Family Cuisine are three major branches of Shandong Cuisine, each having its own unique characteristics. JinanCuisine is represented by a number of dishes, such as Pucai in Milky Soup, Sweet and Sour Carp from Daming Lake, Stir-fried Kidneys, etc. The representative dishes of Jiao dong Cuisine include Steamed Red Snapper with Clear Soup, Tianjing Sea Cucumbers and Quick-fried Conches. Kong Family Cuisine is represented by "Going to Court with a Son" (a duck with a baby duck), and Immortal Duck. 

Caobao Steamed Stuffed Bun Eatery

Add: 15 Puli St., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8692-1454

Chunhelou Restaurant

Add: 146 Zhongshan Rd.

Tel. +86532-82824346

Jufengde Restaurant

Add: 11 Jingwu Rd., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-86162888

Jufulou Restaurant

Add: Cuijiatan, West of Zhangjialou Town

Tel. +86532-84155233

Liangyou Jindu Delicacy City

Add: 3/F, Jindu Garden, 37 W. Donghai Rd.

Tel. +86532-85782226

Penglaichun Restaurant

Add: 13 Yuhuangding West Rd., Zhifu District, Yantai

Tel. +0086-0535-6256-561

Qingdao Restaurant

Add: 17 Macao 3rd Rd., South District, Qingdao

Tel. +0086-0532-8386-0098

State Banquet Kitchen

Add: 18 Ninghai Rd. 

Tel. +86532-83809888

Taishan Hotel

Add: 26 Hongmen Road, Tai'an

Tel. +0086-0538-8224-678