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Yunnan Cuisine is fragrant, sweet, delicious and tender, with a proper sour and spicy taste. The famous local dished include Bamboo Tube Chicken, Steam-Pot Chicken, Yiliang Stewed Duck, Three Kinds of Silvers with Fungus, and so on, in addition to some famous local snacks, such as Crossing-the-Bridge Rice Noodles, Sixi Stuffed Balls Made of Glutinous Rice Flour Served in Soup, Taishi Cake, etc. 

Jixinglong Stewed

Add: Dianchi Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-4611126

Jixinyuan Restaurant

Add: 102 Dongfeng E. Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-3178538

Laodianwei Restaurant

Add: Jinbi Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-6470212

Shangri-La Paradise Hotel

Add: Middle section of Changzheng Road, Shangri-La County

Tel. +0086-887-8228008

Yixinyuan Restaurant

Add: Dianchi Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-4649815