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Zhejiang China Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Add: No.200 Guangfu Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-87080888

Zhejiang CYTS International Travel Co. Ltd.

Add: No.56 Fengqi Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-85788333

Zhejiang International Hotel


Add: No.221 Tiyuchang Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-85770088

Zhejiang International Tourism Group Co. Ltd.

Add: Jinlong Park, West Lake Ave, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086- 571-87829718

Zhejiang Intime Department Store

Add: No.530 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-8506988

Zheng He Historical Facts Museum

Add: Tashan Park, Wuhang Town, Changle

Tel. +86-591-28924529

Zhengzhou Antique City

Add: 49 Jinhai Ave., Zhengzhou

Tel: 0086-371-68766633

Zhenjiang China International Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Add: No.1 Shihan Road, Hangzhou.

Tel: 0086-571-85069888

Zhenjiang Everbright International Travel Co. Ltd.

Add: No. 238 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-85154003


Add: No.83 Renhe Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-87065871

Zhongda Hotel


Add: Zhanqian W. Rd., Yueyang

Tel: 0086-731-8281688

Zhongfayuan Hotel


Add: 1 Shulinxiang Alley, Chengdong District, Xining

Tel. +86-971-7111888

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park

Found South East of the Forbidden City is Zhongshan Park. Built in 1421, the park has wonderful park like surroundings and is a great place to relax in central Beijing.

Zhongshan Restaurant

Add: 34 Zhongshan Rd., Bijie

Tel: 0086-857-8229906

Zhoukoudian Museum on the Site of Peking Man's Cave Dwelling

Zhoukoudian Museum on the Site of Peking Man's Cave Dwelling

Erected on the site of the cave dwelling of Peking Man 
(sinanthropus pekinensis) habitation in Zhoukoudian on the southwestern suburb of Beijing, the Museum is one for the research of natural heritage.

 The museum has in its storage some 3000 articles, consisting mainly of Peking Man's bone fossils, stone artifacts, traces of Peking Man using fire, and fossils of animal bones.