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Yahui Tea Restaurant

Add: Nanpu Road, Ezhou

Tel. +86-711-3252866

Yangcheng Restaurant

Add: 132 Yingbin Road, Qinghuangdao
Tel. +86-335-3634555

Yangjiaoshan Culinary Culture Village

Add: Yellow River No.3 Dock, Shanzhou Scenic Zone, Sanmenxia

Tel: 0086-398-2892111

Yangling International Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel


Add: 1 Xinqiao North Rd., Yangling Demonstration Zone 

Tel: 0086-29-87036888

Yangtze Restaurant

Add: Huaxianzi Building, No.20 Nanpu Road, Ezhou

Tel. +86-711-3850931

Yanji Jindalai Restaurant

Add:388 hailan Rd., Yanji

Tel: 0086-04332511740

Yansha Shopping Plaza

Add: On the Southwestern corner at the crossing of Huaxia S. Rd and Huanghe Rd., Hebi

Tel: 0086-392-3322666


Tel: 0086-21-63220496

Add: 3190 Yan'an w. Rd., Shanghai

Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Zone

Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Zone

Located in the eastern suburbs of Guilin, the Yaoshan Mountain is the highest mountain in the urban area of Guilin. It is so called because of the Yaodi Temple built in the ancient times on the mountain.. The scenic zone is famous for its changing and glorious scenes in different seasons. Visitors can get to the mountain top by taking the sightseeing cableway. Looking afar from the mountain top, visitors can take in paddy fields, village houses, and all the other beautiful scenes surrounded by mists and clouds. When descending the mountain, visitors can take the chute to pass through the sea of flowers and trees and experience the fantastic feeling of flying on the ground. 

Yelang Bagua Chicken

Add: Opposite to Baiguo Town Credit Cooperative in the county town of Hezhang.

Tel: 0086-857-3240494

Yellow River Scenic Area

Yellow River Scenic Area

On the southern shore of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, it is a national AAAA tourism zone, and a natural scenic zone, integrating sightseeing, leisure, holidays, popular scenic education, root exploration, sacrificing the ancestors and carrying forward the Chinese civilization. This scenic area is covered with green trees, and dotted with pavilions and towers, with picturesque scenery. Standing on the mountain, tourist can have a nice view of the Yellow River that
keeps runing. The Yellow River Scenic Area is composed  of five major scenic zones and more than 40 tourist attractions, such as Fibe Dragon Peak, Yueshan Temple, Xinghai Lake, the statues of emperors of Yandi and Huangdi.

Yexian Country Yamen Museum

Tel: 0086-375-4935611

Yin Ruins

Yin Ruins


 The Yin Ruins is a world culture heritage, and a key historical monument under state protection. More than 3,300 years ago, King Pangeng of the Shang Dynasty moved his capital to Yin (present- day Xiaotun village in Anyang), which served as the capital for 12kings of eight generations for 225 years, and created the splendid Yin-Shang civilization. After King Wu of the Zhou Dynasty( ?-1043 B.C.) sent armed forces to suppress Zhou and eliminate the Shang (1600-1046 B.C.), this capital city of Shang Dynasty that was flourishing for more than 200 years gradually became the Yin Ruins in history. In modern times, the Yin Ruins became famous in the world because of a large number of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells and bronze wares excavated from the ruins, of which Simuwu recatangular ding(cooking vessel), weighing 437.5kg, ranks first of all the unearthed bronze wares in the world. The Yin Ruins covers an area of 36sq km, and is divided into the palace zone, royal tomb zone, graveyard, handicraft workshop zone, civilian residential zone, etc. It is the first site of an ancient capital city confirmed by historical documents, oracle bone inscriptions and archaeological excavations in Chinese history. Tens of thousands of bronze, jade and ivory wares excavated from the Yin Ruins show various shapes and postures, displaying the top carving and cast skills in the Yin-Shang period. They will make viewers gasp in admiration.


Yinchuan Department store

Add: No.2, Jiefang W. st., Yinchuan

Tel: 0086-951-6023693