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Sandie(Three-Terrace) Waterfall

Sandie(Three-Terrace) Waterfall

The Sandie Waterfall is acclaimed the "most marvelous sight" and the "best waterfall" in Lushan Mountain. Located on the eastern side of Lushan Mountain the waterfall is fed with water from the streams in Dayue Mountain and the Five-Elder Peaks. The water cascades down over three rocky terraces, thus its name. The waterfall gives off a tremendous sound like galloping horses or ringing bells.

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Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area

Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area

 Located in northeast Jiangxi Province, the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area is a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is renowned for sloping steeply in the east, being wonderful in the west, elegant in the north and unique in the south, and is also known as " the first divine peak south of the lower reaches fof the Yangtze River.". The most famous scenic sopts to be found here include the Sanqing Palace and the Python-Like Stone. In July 2008, the Sanqing Mountain was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

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Shanghai Acrobatics

Shanghai Acrobatics

Shanghai Acrobatics are world famous and a visit to this incredible city is enhanced with a chance to enjoy this wonderful art. Enjoy incredible skill and flexibility – as you are thrilled by experts of a craft still highly regarded within China. Be entertained and embrace traditional culture, all at the same time!

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