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Qinghai Province Museum

 The Qinghai Province Museum at the Xining Square in Chengxi District, xining, is a national AAAA tourist attraction. The museum covers an area of 22,800 square meters. It has nine exhibition halls with a total area of 9,146 square meters. Major exhibits are displayed in three exhibition sections- the Exhibition of Pre- history Civilization in Qinghai, the Exhibition of Ethnic Cultural Heritage in Qinghai, and the Exhibition of Buddhist Art. The museum was nominated for China's Top 10 Exhibitions in 2001-2002.

Qinghai Xihai International Travel Service

Add: 19 South Street, Chengzhong District, Xining

Tel: 0086-971-8251-258

Qinghao Huaqiao Travel Service

Add: 30 North Street, Xining

Tel: 0086-971-8251050

Qingyuan Mountain

Qingyuan Mountain

Only 2.5 kilometers away from Quanzhou downtown, Qingyuan Mountain scenic spot is national key scenic spot. Comprised of such three parts as Qingyuan Mountain, Sacred Mountain & Holy Tombs, and Nine Suns Mountain, this scenic spot cooupies a total area of 62 square kilometers. Famous for its springs, rocks, caves and peaks, Qingyuan Mountain preserved quite a lot of cultural relics and ancient sites. There are statues of Buddhism and Taoist from Song Wuyi Mountai. Since at present, there are very a few preserved, the tea is very rare and precious. With clear springs in the canyon, Dahongpao tea grows at the place more than 600 meters above sea level. Since the soil there is effloreced from acid rocks, it is suitable for the growth of tea. With dense branches, these tea trees boast shining green leaves and the new sprouts are in purplish red. Every year, at the time when the tea trees are sprouting, people seeing faraway would find that these tea trees are all in crimson, as if wearing red robes. 

Qixing (seven stars) Scenic zone

Qixing (seven stars) Scenic zone

Located on the eastern bank of the Lijiang River in the urban area with the branch of the Lijiang River running through, it is the largest comprehensive scenic zone in Guilin and is a national tourist attraction of AAAA level. In the scenic zone there are seven peaks whose layout is similar to that of the Big Dipper. Thus the scenic zone got its name Qixing (Seven Stars). It has become a famous tourist attraction ever since the Tang Dynasty. The Qixing Cave in the zone is very famous, which is a limestone cave comprised of over ten connecting cave halls. In the cave there are stalactites, stalagmites such as limestone columns and limestone veils of diferent shapes, which form a magnificent view. The Qixing Scenic Zone displays the essence of Guilin scenery- the beautiful mountains and waters, magnificent rocks and caves and cultural sites of long history, which make it  famous scenic zone in China. 

Quanjiayuan Restaurant

Add: 69 Zhongyi First Rd., Yuhua District, Changsha

Tel: 0086-731-85580333

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Add: 32 Qianmen St., Beijing

Tel: 0086-10-65112418

Quanyechang Department Store

 The Quanyechang Department Store, located where Binjiang Road and Heping road meet, is a famous time-honored store that has been run for over 70 years. The department store is a large gerneral merchandise market which mainly focuses on popular commodities and sells medium of high grade goods. 

Quanzhou Oasis Restaurant

Add: 101 Tumen St., Quanzhou

Tel. +86-595-2191769

Qufu-the Hometown of Confucius

Qufu-the Hometown of Confucius

Situated in the north of Jining City, Qufu is adjacent to Tai'an in the north, and to Zoucheng, the hometown of Mencius, in the south. Since ancient times, Qufu has had flourishing culture, and has given birth to a number of celevrities one after antoher, hence a famous historical and cultural city in China. Many historical celebrities, such as Confucius and MEncius, were born here. Thanks to its time-honored cultural formation, Qufu contains a great number of important historical monuments and cultural relics, such as the ancient city of Lu State, the ancient city of the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of Confucius and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family's Mansion, etc.