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Ocean Douhua Restaurant

Add: 96 Yingbin Road, Qinghuangdao
Tel. +86-335-3063366

Old Chengdu Gongguancai

Add: 37 Qinghua Rd., Chengdu

Tel: 0086-28-8732-0016

Old Duichu

Add: 62 West Shisandao St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84615895

Old Ginseng Hall Products Co., Ltd. Building

Add: 4159, West Binjiang Rd., Tonghua
Tel: 0086-435-3433555

Old Shanghai Restaurant

Tel: 0086-21-62566688

Add: 242 Fuyou RD.,Town God Teple, Shanghai

Older Datong Restaurant

Add: 3rd Rd., Zhenhua North St., Datong.

Tel: 0086-3522103270

Olympic Stadium ‘Birds Nest’

Olympic Stadium ‘Birds Nest’

It all began on 08.08.08 at precisely 08:08pm and was regarded as the greatest Olympics in modern history. Now, there is the opportunity to enjoy a visit to some of the incredible venues built specifically for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The Birds Nest was the centre piece of the Olymipc Games hosting amongst others the Opening and Closing ceremonies with a capacity of 91,000. The stadium has a unique look and takes centre stage amongst the key Olympic venues. With over 100,000 tomes of stell the stadium is the largest steel structure in the world.

Across from the stadium is the Water Cube used for swimming and diving events. By night the water cube changes colour and shape. With seating up to 17,000 the watercube was the site of 25 new world records during the Olympic Games.

One Family Restaurant

Add: New station, Chongyang County, Xianning

Tel. +86- 715- 3336886


Opium War Museum

Situated in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. it is a museum specialized in the collection, protection, display and study of the opium banning by Lin Zexu(1785-1850), a national hero of China, and the cultural and historical relics on the Opium War. it has been listed as a national AAAA scenic area. First constructed in 1957, the Opium War Museum is in the shape of a fortification with built-in cannons of the Qing Dynasty, and is composed of the headquarters of the museum, the Shalu Fort Administration Office, Weiyuan Fort Administration office, the pot where Lin Zzexu Had opium destroyed, and the Exhibition of Lin Zexu Banning Opium and History of the Opium War.

Oriental Bear Paradise

Add: 2 Xinhua St., Yanji
Tel: 0086-433-2518883

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower

Easily the most famous landmark in Shanghai, the Oriental Pearl Tower was opened in 1995. With its unique domes, the Pearl Tower lights up at night like a giant Disco ball. The Oriental Pearl Tower stands over 460 metres high and is complete with a viewing deck offering great views of both East and West Shanghai.

Oroqen Village Ethnic Museum

Add: Alihe Town

Tel. +86-0470-5862211