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Nanchang Parkson Department Store

Add: 107 Zhongshan Rd., Nanchang

Tel: +86-791-6728888

Nanhu Hotel


Add: 49 Yanyang Rd., Ma'anshan

Tel: 0086-555-23639999

Nanhua Hotel


Add: 33 Xiaoxiang Rd., Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou

Tel: 0086-746-8328888

Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road

The most famous shopping road in a city full of shopping opportunities, Nanjing Road has long been considered China's golden mile. Starting at the Bund, passing through People's Square and finishing in the western suburbs 5 kms later, Nanjing Road has the lot; department stores, historic buildings and restaurants galore.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway

Nanjing Rd., famed as “No. 1 Street in China”, is an epitome of Shanghai 's history and culture. The 1,033-m long Pedestrian Walkway lies between the Bund and the People's Square. There are more than 600 shops on both sides of the walkway. There are not only 100-year old ones, famous brand ones but also specialty shops of different trades. At night, the whole walkway is lit up.



Being the captial city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning is located in the southwestern prt of the region and has a history of more than 1,600 years. It has such famous scenic spots as Qingxiu Mountain Scenic Area, Yiling Rock Cave Scenic Area and Phoenix Lake. Besides, there are Guangxi Museum, Guangxi Ethnic Culture Relics Museum as well as Guangxi Ethnic Square and Ethnic Culture Palace in the city proper. In the surrounding areas there are tourist attractions, like Huashan Cliff Murals of Ningming, Friendship Pass of Pingxiang, Xiaolian Town of Longzhou, Detian Waterfalls across the Sino-Vietnam border of Daxin and Longhu Mountain Nature Reserve of Long'an. 

Nanning China Youth Travel Service


Tel. +0086-771-2828292

Nanning Wharton International Hotel


Add: 88 Minzu Ave., Nanning

Tel. +0086-771-2111888

Nanning Youyuan Seafood Restaurant

Add: 42-1 Beining St., Nanning

Tel. +0086-771-2102868

Nantian Hotel


Add: 1 Zhuangyuan M. Rd., Xuancheng

Tel: 0086-563-5208888

New Century Department Store

Add:153 Wuyi W. Rd., Changsha

Tel: 0086-731-82800088

New Era Hotel

Add: 99 Dongfeng W. Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-3624999

New Jinjiang Grand Hotel


Add: 161 Changle Rd., Shanghai

Tel: 0086-21-64151188

New Shanghai Commercial Center

New Shanghai Commercial Center

Located on Zhangyang Rd. of Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, the New Shanghai Commercial Center is one of the biggest commercial projects of Shanghai. With a comprehensive function of shopping, dining, entertainment, relaxation and working, it is the biggest modern commercial center in Asia.

New Silk Market

New Silk Market

Although names the Silk Market, it is possible to buy just about anything at this multi level bargain Hunters paradise. Located only a few minutes by Taxi from the Forbidden City, the Silk Market is included on many China Holidays itineraries.