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Maison Mode Times Plaza

Add: 100 Zourong Rd., Chongqing

Tel: 0086-23-63741188

Marco Polo Shopping Mall

Add: Xianlie Rd., Zhuhai

Tel: 756-2211188

Mei Du Hotel


Add: 117 Weididao St., Tianjin 
Tel: 0086-­22­-28361818

Meili Snow-Capped Mountain

Meili Snow-Capped Mountain

The mountain located at Deqen Prefecture, has 13 mountain peaks with an elevation of 6,000 meters and ranks first among the eight holy mountains of the Tibetan area. Kawagebo Peak with an elevationn of 6,740 meters is the main peak of Meili Snow-capped Mountain, the highest peak in Yunnan. 

Meilong Town Restaurant

Tel: 0086-21-56647062

Add: 22 Lane 1081, Nanjing W. Rd., Shanghai

Memorial Hall of Lei Feng

Add: 61 Dongduan, Heping Dist., Lushun
Tel. +86-413-6658806

Memorial Hall of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao

Memorial Hall of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao

 The Memorial Hall was opened to the public on the eve of the 100th birthday of Zhou Enlai on February 28, 1998. It is composed of the Preface Hall, Biography hall, Hall of Letters, Hall of Artistic Objects, Film and TV Hall, Multi-function Hall, Vip Hall, Hall of Books and Data, Cultural Relics Warehouse and Document Research Center.

Merchants Travel Service Co.Ltd.

Add: Deyuan Grand Mansion, Huoshenmiao, Chengde

Tel. +86-314-2029010

Mianyang Holiday Travel Service

Add : 120 Central Changdong Huodao, Mianyang

Tel : 0086-816-2308888

Minghu Hotel


Add: 398 Beiyuan Rd., Jinan

Tel. +0086-0531-8595-6688

Mingyuan Hotel


Add: 38 Xinmin Rd., Nanning

Tel. +0086-771-2118688

Mingyuan Xindu Hotel


Add: 38 Xinmin Rd., Nanning

Tel. +0086-771-2118988

Mingzhu Hotel


Add; 7 Huzhu W. Road, Xining

Tel. +86-971-8149569


Minzai Hot Pot

Add: No. 59, Xinhua E.St., Yinchuan

Tel. +0086-951-6035888

Miracle Hotel Guiyang


Add: 1 Guikai Road, Guiyang