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Longtan Hotel


Add: No. 33 Longtan Road, Huanggang

Tel. +86-713-6231688

Longtanshan Deer Industry Co., Ltd.

Add: 7 Luchang St., Longtan District, Jilin

Tel: 0086-432-4661411


Lotus Supermarket

Add: Fengxi Station Rd., Chaofeng., Chaozhou

Tel: 768-2360888

Loudi Hotel


Add: 9 Leping E. St., Loudi

Tel: 0086-738-8312189


Add: No.30 Gushan Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086- 571- 87969682

Lufu Tower

Add: 228 Zhongshan Rd., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-82260878

Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake

The Lake, surrounded by hgh mountains and lofty ridges, is located between Ninglang County of Yunnan and Yanyuan County of Sichuan, 69 kilometers from the county town of Ninglang. Mosuo people, a branch of Naxi Ethnic Group, inhabite by the lake and they still live a life of the metriarchal society. Mosuo men and women never fomally marry and they remain in their mother's homes so they are known as the "living fossil of the culture of matriarchal society."


Luoyang China International Travel Service

Add: 5/F of Tourism Building, Jindu W. Rd., Luoyang

Tel: 0086-379-64326808

Luoyang Dongshan Hotel


Add: Longmen Dongshan, Luoyang

Tel: 0086-379-64686000

Luoyang Junshan Hotel


Add: 3Junshan E. Rd., The Country town of Luanchuan, Luoyang

Tel: 0086-379-66810988

Luoyang Museum

Add: Nietai Rd, Luolong, Luoyang, Henan, China.

Tel: 0086-379-67833887

Lushan Hotel


Add: 446 Hexi Rd., Lushan

Tel. +86-792-8282060

Lushan Jinqiao Travel Agency

Add: Inside Nanhu Zhilu Forest Public Security Bureau, Jiujiang


Lushan Mountain

Lushan Mountain

Lushan Mountain is renowned for its natural scenery and ancient sites of cultural, educational, religious and political significance. In 1982 the State Council apporved the mountain among the first batch of national key scenic and historic interest zones in China. On December 6th, 1996, the UNESCO put Lushan Mountain was appraised as a national AAAAA scenic zone. This mountain is famous in China and abroad for its lofty peaks covered with luxuriant trees. 

Lushun Museum Center

Lushun Museum Center is composed of Lushun museum, garden, zoo, and snake museum, friendship tower and civtory tower. Facing friendship tower, Lushun museum has 3 exhibition themes. One is cultural relics of the past dynasties. The second one is Dalian local historical and cultural relics. The third one is Xinjiang Mummy. Lushun garden owns more than 200 precious kinds of plants, such as sago, oriental cherry, cypress trees and phoenix trees and dozens of precious flowers. The theme of snake museum is "back to Nature". It features giant turtle zone, crocodile zone, snake zone, precious animal zone, and specimen zone. There are more than 30 Yangtze crocodiles, and thousands of snakes.