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Laizhou Commerce Hotel


Add: 478 Culture West Road., Laizhou

Tel. +0086-0535-221-3988


Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple)

Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple)

The Lama Temple is one of the largest and most relevant Tibetan monasteries in China. It is credited as being the largest Tibetan temple outside of  Tibet itself.

The temple is unique as it houses the artworks of both Tibetan and Han nationalities. Construction began in 1694 during the Qing Dynasty by the Prince Yin Zhen who would later ascend to the title of Emperor in 1722. As the Emperor, the Lama Temple was divided into two, half remained as an Imperial palace, and the other was offered to Tibetan Monks as a monastery.

The temple is set in a North to South direction spanning almost 500 metres. Halls and Temples include the Hall of the Heavenly (Devaraja Hall), the Hall of Harmony and Peace, Hall of Everlasting Protection the Hall of the Wheel of the Law and the Pavillion of Ten Thousand Happiness’s

The Lama Temple makes a great addition to a tour of The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Landmark Hotel


Add: 3018 Nanhu Rd., Shenzhen

Tel: 755-82172288

Laobian Dumpling Banquet

Add: Laobian Dumpling Restaurant, Shenyang

Laodianwei Restaurant

Add: Jinbi Rd., Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-6470212

Laojie Diyi Lou

Add: 247 Laojie Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan

Tel: 0086-559-2358388

Laomao Mutton

Add: No435, Changcheng E. st., Yinchuan


Laomeihua Shoe Shop

 The Laomeihua Shoe Shop, founede in 1911, is known as a famous time-honored brand of China. It mainly offers shoes for the middle-aged and elderly. The designs of these shoes are diversified and include saddle shoes lined with woollen fabrics, cotton-padded shoes, and pigskin shoes with gum-rubber outsoles. All these shoes are very comfrotable and make a particularly nice present for an older member of the family.

Laozhengxing Restaurant

Tel: 0086-21-63515496

Add: 556 Fuzhou Rd., Shanghai

Leifeng Tower

Leifeng Tower

 The tower, south of West Lake, is named after the mountain it stands on. It was built by a king for his concubine during the Five Dynasties and Ten  Kingdoms.

Letaoyuan Cuisine&Pottery City

Add: 1st floor Huada Hotel, 2 Tongpan Rd., Fuzhou

Tel. +86-591-87831178


Li Liangui Flavors Restaurant

Add: 1 Gongyuan Beijie,Tiexi district, Siping

Tel: 0086-4343224140

Liangyou Jindu Delicacy City

Add: 3/F, Jindu Garden, 37 W. Donghai Rd.

Tel. +86532-85782226

Lianyang Department Store

Add: 39 Liunan, Yingze  Dist., Taiyuan

Tel: 0086-351-4198888

Liaoning Provincial Museum

Add: 26 Shiwei Rd., Heping Dist., Shenyang
Tel. +86-24-22822525