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Ice Lantern Festival

Ice Lantern Festival

This festival is held in Zhaolin Park in Harbin. Through cutting and chiseling, the ice from Songhua River will become ice potted landscape, buildings, caves, gullies, and forests, full of imagination and creation. The ice lanterns look like jade sculptures in the daytime. In the evening, the scene makes tourists feel as if they have entered a crystal palace when all the ice sculptures are illuminated with multicolored neon lights. 

Immortals' cave

Immortals' cave

 The cave is found in a precipitous cliff in the West Valley of Guling Mountain. A fairytale tells that Lu Dongbin lived in this cave to cutivate himself into an immortal before he joined seven other immortals to cross the sea. A huge rock perching on the cliff outside the cave bears four huge Chinese characters meaning "Watching Clouds Fly in the Sky". A pine tree grows in a crevice of the rock. People call it "Rock Pine". 

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