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Heilongjiang Ethnic Museum

Add: 25 Wenmiao St., Nangang Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-82538438

Heilongjiang Museum

Add: 64 Hongjun St., Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-53642447

Heilongjiang Overseas Touirst Corportaion

Add: 11/F, Hushi Mansion, Nangang Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-53634000


Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pond) Park

Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pond) Park

The park is located at the foot of Xiangshan Mountain, north of the Ancient Lijiang City. The water in the pond is as limpid as jade so it is also known as Yuquan (Jade Spring). By the pond is the Heishui Temple, also known as Heilong Palace. Built in 1454, the fifth year of Jingtai reign period of the Ming Dyansty. There are plum of the Tang Dynasty and cypress of the Song Dynasty and camellia in the temple. In addition, there are some age-old buildings of Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) dynasties in the park such as Wufeng Building, Deyue Building, Suocui Bridge and Jietuolin.

Henan China International Travel Service

Add: Haitong Building, 50 Jingqi Rd., Zhengzhou

Tel: 0086-371-63927111

Henan China Travel Service, Jiaozuo Branch

Add: On the Western side of the 1st floor of the Jiaozuo People's Auditorium.

Tel: 0086-391-2560888

Henan Tourist Group Co., Ltd.

Add: 288 Chengdong Rd., Zhengzhou

Tel: 0086-371-65961133

Hilton Hotel


Add: Dongfang Rd., Dongsanhuan N. Rd., Beijing 
Tel: 0086-­10­-58655000

Hilton Hotel Shanghai


Add: 250 Huashan Rd., Shanghai

Tel: 0086-21-62480000

Hoi Tak Hotel


Add: 69 Jiangnan Ave., Chongqing

Tel: 0086-23-62838888

Holiday Dynasty Hotel


Add; 48 Wusi W.Road, Xining

Tel. +86-971-6365568

Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin


Add: 86 1st St., Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone 
Tel: 0086-­22­-6628338

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Harbourview Xiamen


Add: 12 Zhenhai Rd., Xiamen

Tel. +86-592-2023333

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Add: 400 Panyu Rd., Shanghai

Tel: 0086-21-62808888

Holiday Inn Yangtze Chongqing


Add: 87 Nanping New St., Chongqing

Tel: 0086-23-63528888