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Harbin Museum of Architecture

Add: 88 Toulong St., Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-84686904

Harbin Overseas Tourist Corporation

Add: 89 Central St., Daoli Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84687875

Harbin Post Hotel


Add: 147 Youzheng St., Nangang Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-53626888

Harbin Press Plaza


Add: 399 Youyi Rd., Daoli Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-84890888

Harbin Railway Int'l Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Add: 8 Tielu St., Nangang Dist., Harbin 

Tel. +86-451-53621794

Harbin Youth Int'l Travel Service

Add: 4 Stalin St., Daoli Dist., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-8887-9898

Harbor Plaza Chongqing


Add: wuyi Rd., Chongqing

Tel: 0086-23-63700888

Harbour Plaza


Add: 20 Honghuaqiao, Kunming

Tel. +0086-871-5386688

Hebei Century Hotel


Add: 145 Zhongshan W. Rd., Shijiazhuang

Tel. +86-311-87036699


Hebei Oriental International Travel Service

Add: 404 of 5 # Building, Huamai New Village, 116 Huaizhong Road, Shijiazhuang

Tel. +86-311-86128958

Hebei Overseas Tourist Corportaion

Add: 26 Donggang Road, Shijiazhuang

Tel. +86-311-85815102


Hebei Provincial Museum

Hebei Provincial Museum's exhibitions include prehistoric pottery, bronze artifacts, Buddhist statues and excavations from the Western Han Tombs.

Hefei City

Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, has an area of some 7,029.48 square km and a population of 4.8 million. It is the hometown of Bao Zheng (999-1062), a famously impartial official in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Hefei, known as a city half covered with mountain and half with lake, combines the delicate beauty of the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers and blends the flavor of South and North of China. It is a place where traditions coexist with the modern, and natural landscapes exist side by side with historical sites. It enjoys the reputation of being a garden city as well as the "city most suitabe for people to live in". Hefei was among the first group of national garden cities approved by the state. 

Hefei Department Store

Add: 150 Changjiang Rd., Hefei

Tel: 0086-551-2686018

Hefei Science and Technology Museum

This museum lies in the middle section of Huangshan Street, the heartland of the region in Hefei where many scientific and educational institutions can be found. Now it has become an important science popularization and education base, and a new tourist attraction of Anhui.

The major exhibition hall, with a floorage of about five square km, looks like a large vessel braving the mighty sea, symbolizing the ship of science and technology sailing forward. On the eastern side of the exhibiton hall is a one-square-km ball-shaped exhibition hall, where the only domed theatre of the province is located; the huge flying saucerlike appearance of the theatre represents the profound mystery of science. On the western side are the areas for academic exchange and science and technology training, as well as administrative offices, with a floorage of about four square km. 

The museum contatins more than 300 exhibits housed in 14 sections- flight simulation, energy machines, information technology, human life science, motion, machinary, mathematics, a children's zone, sound, light, electromagnetics, Yang Chen Ning Exhibition Hall, a dome theatre and a spherical cinema. The exhibits are not only interesting but also artistic. Some 80 percent of them are interative and suitable for all visitors to have a try in person.