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Handan Guofeng Shopping Center

Add: 155 Heping Rd., Handan

Tel: 0086-310-7500315

Hande Yanba Steamed Dumplings

Add: East of Land Bureau, Shuangyang St., Shuangyang District, Changchun

Tel: 0086-4314237666

Hangzhou Department Store

Add: No.546 Yan'an Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-85158800

Hangzhou Guoda Shopping Center

Add: No.619 Yan' an Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-85066336

Hangzhou International Hotel


Add: No.117 Hongqi Road, Huzhou

Tel: 0086-572-2057788

hangzhou Qiandaohu International Travel Service.Co.Ltd.

Add: No.11 Xin'an Street, Qiandaohu, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-64815715

Hangzhou Tower Shopping Cneter

Add: No.21 Wulin Plaza, Hangzhou

Tel: +86-571-85153911

Hangzhou Xihu State Guesthouse


Add: 18 Yanggongdi, Hangzhou

Tel: 0086-571-87979889

Hanwang Mansion

Add: 175 Haiyang Rd., Langfang

Tel: 0086-335-3054778

Hanzheng Street Commodity Market

Add: Hanzheng Street, Wuhan

Tel. +86-27-85647411


Hanzhong Golden Leaf Hotel

Add: 33 Laodong East Rd., Hanzhong

Tel: 0086-916-2383838
Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley covers a total area of 350,000 square kilometers and was constructed under an investment of one billion Yuan. It is another modern theme park in China after Splendid China, Chinese Folk Culture Villages and Windows of the World which combines participation, sightseeing, entertaining and interests. The activities in Happy Valley cover the fields of sea, land and air. Besides, the activities here are different in the day time and in the night. Happy Valley is a product of modern high technology and leisure concept and pays much attention to tourists'participation. Happy Valley builds a natural, refreshing, lovely, surprising, ardent and exciting atmosphere for the tourists inside which provides people a happy journey of charms and driving rhythms. It is really a fashionable experience here which could strengthen your body and edify your mind.

There are nine theme sections in Happy Valley. They are Spanish Plaza, Cartoon City, Adventure Mountain, Happy Time, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Forest, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Maya Water Park and Happy Train, a high-altitude single track train. There are over 100 colorful entertaining items here for young and old. Many items are imported from USA, Holland and Germany and they are particular in China and even in Asia. For example, there is the first "Discoverer" in China which swings at a great height. There is "UFO", a riding item for the family which is up to the minute in the world and number one in Asia. There is "Shooting the rapids", which has the largest fall in the world. There is "Xueshan Feilong", the first suspended roller coaster in China. There is Space Shuttle, the first "screaming tower" in China and the highest one in Asia. There is the first Four-dimension Cinema in Asia, which combines seeing, hearing and feeling together. There is Maya Water Park, which is the only park in Asia that by rewarded the international prize of World Water Park Association.

Harbin Friendship Palace


Add: 263 Friendship Rd., Daoli District, Harbin

Tel. +86-0451-84880888

Harbin Grand Restaurant

Add: 168 Shangzhi St., Harbin

Tel. +86-451-84640958

Harbin Ice-Snow World

Harbin Ice-Snow World

The Harbin Ice-Snow World, established in the winter of 1999, brings a breakthrough to traditional ice and snow recreations. Ice and snow artworks have since said farewell to crowded gardens and walked close to nature. It combines winter landscapes and recreations with ice and snow sculptures and showcases beautiful scenery, superb craftsmanship and exciting entertainment.