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Famen Temple

Famen Temple

 situated in Famensi Town, about 15 km north of Fufeng County, Baoji city, it is the only temple that preserves the veritable finger bones of Sakyamunu in the world. First constructed in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), it was originally known as the Ashoka Temple, which was renamed Famen Temple in early Tang Dynasty. The gold and silver wares discovered from the underground palace are exquisite treasures. The gold-gilded Buddhist cane with 12 rings on its four sides is the best Buddhist service articles in the world in terms of quality, shape and crafting techniques. The consummate skills of weaving brocade in gold threads of the Tang Dynasty will make visitors gasp in admiration. The thinnest gold threads for weaving brocade are only 0.1 mm, thinner than hair.

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Fanjing Mountain

Fanjing Mountain

Situated at the confluence of Jiangkou, Yinjiang and Songtao Counties, Fanjing Mountain is a national nature reserve, with a total area of 567 sq km. It enjoys a reputation of being the "Ecological Kingdom", and the plant and animal gene database. Of all the animals and plants under state protection, dove trees, henry emmenopterys, Chinese tuliptree, Guizhou golden- hair monkeys and doll fish are the most representative. In the scenic zone, tourist can appreciate the green peaks rising one higher than another, hanging waterfalls, crisscrossed streams and forests with a coverage rate of 95 percent; hence it is the only place with the best-preserved protophytes at the same latitude in the world. Fanjing Mountain is a Buddhist sacred place where the rites to pay homage to Maitreya (Future Buddha) is held regulary, and other tourist attractions include the four imperial nunneries, 48 Great Enlightenment nunneries, and Huguo and Zhengguo Buddhist temples.

Fenghuang Ancient City

Fenghuang Ancient City

Situated 53kilometers south of Jishou City, the capital of the Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, it is famous for surrounding mountains and rivers and ancient, primitive architectures. In the east and north of Fenghuang, there are two well - preserved watchtowers. Inside the city are such places of interest as the Heavenly King Temple. At the foot of Mt. Huanan, the temple is an elegant architecture built in the Qing Dynasty. Fenghuang has eight famous scenes, including the Fishing Light in the Dragon Pool and the Moon over the Xiqiao Bridge.

Fengzeyuan Restaurant

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First Department Store

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Five-road Scenic Area

Five-road Scenic Area

 The five roads refer to Machang, Munan, Dali, Chingqing and Chengdu roads. Along the five roads stand some 2,000 garden-like buildings of different styles of various countries built in the 1920s and 1930s, with an area of one million sq m. Of them, more than 300 built for celebrities demonstrate special features; hence the name "World Architecture Museum". This scenic area is the first destination for tourists to appreciate modern culture and customs of European Continent in Tianjin.

Foping Nature Reserve

Foping Nature Reserve

 Located in the northwest of Foping County, it is a forest and wildlife nature reserve founded to protect the giant pandas with approval of the State Council in 1978, which formally joined the World Man and Biosphere Reserve Network approved by the UNESCO in March 2005. With an area of 292 sq km, the Foping Nature Reserve has three protection stations - Sanguanmiao, Damuping and Yueba. The nature reserve grows 1,583 species of wild plants, including 22 species of rare plants under state protection, such as Chinese larch, Qinling Mountains fir, tetracentron and one flower kingdonia; and raises 265 species of wild animals, of which giant pandas, antelopes, golden monkeys and leopards are the first-class animals under state protection. Giant pandas live in the core area of the nature reserve. On average, there is one giant panda every 2.5 sq km, which ranks first nationwide in terms of density,

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