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Datong China Int'l Travel Service, Datong

Add: 21 Yingbin East Rd., Datong

Tel: 0086-352-5103046

Datong Department Store

Add: 2 Xinjian North Rd., Datong

Tel: 0086-352-2042703

Datong Hotel


Add:37 Yingbin West Rd., Datong.

Tel: 0086-352-5868666

Defachang Dumpling Restaurant

Add: Bell and Drum Tower Square, Xi'an

Tel: 0086-29-87217521

Delonglou Halal Restaurant

Add: No.91, Jiefang E. St., Yinchuan

Tel: 0086-951-6022073

Detian Waterfalls

Detian Waterfalls

The waterfalls are located on the upper reaches of the Guichun River along the Sino-Vietnam Border in Daxin County. Coming from the north, the river pounds against mountains and drops from 50-m high cliffs, producing thunderous bellow, splashing spray and white mist. It is reputed as "Asia's Biggest Cross-national Waterfalls". 

Dexing Restaurant

Add: 1/F, Building 1, Weidujuan ,N. Dongxia Rd., Shantou

Tel: 754-88337778

Deyue Restaurant

Add: Luyou Rd., Baijida, Jiudu Ave., Zhuhai

Tel: 756-3338899

Ding Li Qing Chun Lamb Restaurant

Add: 7 Gucheng Rd., Huaibei

Tel: 0086-561-3885833

Dongfang Department Store

Add: Downtown Huaibei

Tel: 0086-561-3887897

Dongfang Hotel


Add: 120 Liuhua Rd., Guangzhou

Tel: 20-86669900

Dongfang Hotel


Add: 177 Minzhu M. Rd., Shangqiu

Tel: 0086-370-2998888

Dongfeng Department Store

Add:Eastern Section of Huanghe Rd., Hubin Dist., Sanmenxia.


Donglaishun Restaurant

Add: 5/F Beijing APM Plaza, Wangfujing St., Beijing

Tel: 0086-10-65280932

Dongshan Wind Rock

Dongshan Wind Rock

Located at the Tongling Town of Dongshan County, Dongshan Wind Rock is a national grade-4A tourist attraction and provincial-level scenic spots. Regarded as "No.1 rock in the world", the round rock stands towards the sea with 4.37 meters in height, 4.57 meters in width, 4.69 meters in length and about 200 tons in weight. Contacted area of the peach-shaped rock and the flat ground is no more than one meter. Because of its unique features, the rocked was recorded in the China's Best Geography.