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Dada Hot Pot

Add:Jinning N. St., Yinchuan


Dadi Restaurant

Add: 22 Wumiao East Road, Chengde
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Dagu Fort

Dagu Fort

 The ruins of Dagukou Forts are on the southern and northern banks of the haihe River by its outlet to the sea. The three existing forts are named Wei, Zhen and Hai, respectively. As national historical monuments under state protection, they have become a patriotic education base by the local government. The ruins of the Wei emplacement have become the Museum of Dagu Emplacements Ruins.

Dali Erhai Lake

Dali Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is the major highland freshwater lake of southwest China, starting from Eryuan in the north to Xiaguan in the south, covering an area of 250 sq km. 

People of Dali have lived and multiplied around this place since ancient times. Many mystical legends handed down from generation to generation, formed long-standing brilliant culture. 

Dali Shopping center

Add: Jianshe Rd., Xiaguan, Dali
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Dali Travel Service Management Ltd.

Add: 58 Jianshe Rd., Xiaguan, Dali

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Dalian, located in the southmost of Liaodong Peninsula, is an important harbor, and an important industrial and tourism city in north China. It is known as "the City of Scholartree in the East", "the City of Foodball", and "the City of Clothing Industry".

 As one of the first group of top tourist cities in China, Dalian, praised as "the City in Romance", is modern, romatic, faddy, and full of energy. Forty-two kilometers Haibin Road is charming and beautiful. Various entertainment plazas are full of fun. The relics of Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japan-Russia War record more than halp of the modern history of China. In Golden Pebble Beach Natioanl Tourist Resort, there are not only the original nature-made wonders, like the reef colony, and the rare turtle stone, but also a world class golf course. Numerous scenic beauties, like the mountain and water in Ice Valley, the hot spring in Anbo, the islands in Changhai, are Dalian's treasure. THe Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Festival in May, Dalian Imports&Exports Trading Fair, Dalian International Fashion Festival in September, the International Marathon Race in October and the Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks Fair attract tourists and entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

 Dalian, "the pearl of the north", is expecting all of you. Welcome! 

Dalian Natural History Museum

Dalian Natural History Museum is one of the four biggest natural history museums in China. It was built in 1907, and was registered in UNESCO. The new modern European-Style building is located in Heishijiao Seashore, in the southern tourist area of Dalian. Inside, there are more than 200,000 pieces of precious specimens. It features halobios. Among them, the black ridge whale keeps the world records. It weighs 66.7 tons with a 1.5-meter-long embryo whale inside, in addition, the specimen of twin embryos is especially rare. In the museum, there are 12 exhibition halls, including dinosaur hall, earth hall, wetland hall, fossils of west Liaoning Hall, etc.

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Covering an area of 1.18 million square meters along a 4,000m-long coastline in southern Dalian City, the park features an eachanting blending of mountain and sea views and ofers a wide range of recreational amenities, such as the LHT Pole Aquarium, a sea beasts hall, a coral hall, a pirate village, a bird paradise, a cross-sea cable, sightseeing boats, flume ride, bungee, and speed downhill. It is a modern, ocean-themed destination combining sightseeing, recreation, culture, shopping, and science education. 

Daqinghua Dumping

Add: Middle Qinxian North Rd., Taiyuan.

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Daremen Shopping Center

Add: Minzu Rd., Nanning

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Darentang Drugstore

  The Darentang Drugstore is one of the renowned time-honored brands in Tianjin. It was originally a branch of Yuejialaopu, which itself was derived from the Tongrentang. Thus, its experiences of Pharmacy and business practices are the same of those of the Tongrentang. Its main products are Cow-bezoar Bolus for Restoration (Angong Niuhuang Wan), Venis and Artery Relieving Pills(Huoluo Dan), and White Phoenix Bolus of Black-bone Chicken ( Wuji Baifeng Wan).

Dashizi Department Shopping Mall

Add: 53 Dongguan Street, Xining

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Dashizi Shopping Mall

Add: 38 Dongda Street, Xining

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