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Cao Family Grand Courtyard-Sanduotang Museum

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Caobao Steamed Stuffed Bun Eatery

Add: 15 Puli St., Jinan

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Capital Museum

The plan for the Capital Museum, located in the Confucius Temple, was prepared in 1953. The museum formally opened in 1981. As a major cultural construction project of Beijing and a feature of the government’s “10th Five-Year Plan”, the new Capital Museum was approved by Beijing’s Municipal Government in 1999. It was further approved by the State Council after being submitted by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2001.

Under the concern and guidance of Beijing’s Municipal Government and after four years of hard work, the museum finally made its debut along the western extension of Chang’an Street, the First Street of China. With its magnificent architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and remarkable functions, the Capital Museum, large and modern, makes its contribution to the titles such as “famous historical and cultural city”, “cultural center” and “international metropolis” of Beijing and ranks among the first class museums both at home and abroad. Ever since the establishment of Beijing’s Capital Museum, it has held hundreds of exhibitions based on various elements of history, from cultural relics, revolutionary heroes, to folk customs and many more. Moreover, the Capital Museum has also held different types of exhibitions on Japan, America, Singapore, Malaysia and several other countries. It has also carried forward numerous contributions that China has made around the world. These exhibitions have depicted several methods of international communication and diplomacy and have been warmly welcomes by both foreign and local audiences.

While visiting Beijing, you may want to stop by the Beijing Capital Museum. With such a rich history, you will certainly enjoy the vibrantly elaborate displays on hand.


Carpet World

Add: 58 Bayi Road, Xining

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Central Shopping Mall

Add: 100 Central St., Harbin

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Central Street

Central Street

Located in downtown Daoli District, the Central Street is known as the most distinctive avenue of historical and cultural significance and a major commercial street in Harbin. It stretches 1,450 meters from the Flood Control Memorial Tower by the Songhuajiang River in the north to Jingwei street in the south. It is 21.34 meters wide, and its stone-planked carriageway spans 10.8 meters in width. There are scattered countless European-style buildings. The street concentrates buildings of the four most influential architectural gentres in the history of Western architecture, hence its nickname "textbook of Western architecture."

Century Ginwa Shopping Center

 Situated under the famous Bell and Drum Towers Square in Xi'an, the Century Ginwa Shopping Center covers a total area of more than 30,000 square meters in its two underground floors and gathers together more than 100,000 kinds of famous domestic and foreign brands. it was the first to comprehensively intoduce dozens of top-grade international brands to Xi'an. Meanwhile there are zones for popular brands, Chinese and Western-style food halls, entertainment, tea houses, and a large-sized supermarket


Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain

 Changbai Mountain is the most typical natural composite body in northern Eurasia Continent. The state-class Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, covering 1,900 square kilometers, was accepted by the UNESCO into the man and biosphere Network in 1980 and approved by the UNESCO as an expectant World Natural Heritage, and is regarded as a rare gene bank of species and natural museum in the world. With Tianchi Lake as the representative scenic spot, the nature reserve encompasses valleys, waterfall, volcanic rock forest, alpine gardens, underground rivers, virgin forest, a sea of clouds and mists, and ice and snow landscape. Originating from Changbai Mountain, the Songhu and Yalu Rivers meander through the vast forests in the territory of Baishan City, nourishing the distinctive Guangdong Culture.

Changbaishan Int'l Holiday Travel Service

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Changchun Film Studio's Century City

Changchun Film Studio's Century City

Located in Changchun Jingyuetan Tourist and Economic Development Zone and conceived by a world top-notch design company, the Century City displays special effects of film and TV through the state-of-the-art science and technology, demonstrating China’s advanced technology in the film industry.

Changchun Noble Hotel

Add: 4501 people's St., Changchun
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Changchun Yangminghu Spa Hotel

Add: 8777 North Ring Rd., Changchun
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Changhan Lake Museum

Add: Changhan Lake Tourist zone
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Changjiang Overseas Tourism Co.

Add:  No.55 Yanjiang Road, Wuhan

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Changzhi Eastern Int'l Travel Service Co., Ltd.

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